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Meet the revolutionary hook that has interior designers, school directors, millworkers and home owners coming back for more.



Rounded plastic edges and a flat curve design remove the risk of eye-level injuries.



Tough nylon construction with no brittle metal to break, safely holds anything you need up to 88 LBS exceeding all industry standards!



Varied colors and sizes enable you to match the hooks to any interior seamlessly.

Suited For Schools

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Safety is our priority. Designed from plastic, our pre-assembled coat rails minimize injury and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Designed For Designers

Available in twenty colors and four sizes.

Style is our pride. Add sophistication to your clients organization with unbreakable plastic hooks, available in countless styles and designs, that blend seamlessly into any decor.

Created For Your Visitors

Perfect for hanging belongings at gyms, pools & recreational centers.

Function is our trademark. Cater for the needs of your visitors with a functional hook built to endure. Perfect for gyms, pools, doctor’s offices and anywhere your hosting clients.

Behind The Hook

Traditional metal hooks bend and break over time. They constantly need to be replaced and their sharp edges often mean dangerous injuries, especially with younger children. Searching for a better solution,our creative team created the Toughook - an unbreakable plastic hook, guaranteed to last a lifetime. Toughook provides stronger, safer hanging solutions making them ideal for schools, offices and homes.

Double Hook Design

Rounded Edges

Strong & Durable

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